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Suzanne Shank appointed to Skillman Foundation Board of Trustees

In July 2017 the Skillman Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting quality education and economic opportunities for the children of Detroit, Michigan, appointed Suzanne Shank to its Board of Trustees.

Board Chair, Jerry Norcia, commented that Ms. Shank has displayed a deep commitment to Detroit and brings valuable experience on other boards, in addition to a keen interest in improving the lives of children in the city.

Suzanne Shank stated, “It’s an exciting time to serve on the Board of the Skillman Foundation. The city of Detroit is going through a renewal of sorts with the rejuvenation of the city’s downtown and expanding efforts to improve neighborhoods. That revitalization will not be sustainable without the advancement of the city’s youth. The Skillman Foundation is committed to this cause and serves a leadership role in the efforts to ensure that Detroit’s youth are not left behind.

“In all my interactions with youth in Detroit, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the aptitude and enthusiasm our youth have for learning and achieving success. What our youth are lacking is support and exposure—they are functioning oftentimes with few resources and a lack of stability in their home lives, factors which could easily derail anyone’s hopes and dreams. I hope my involvement on the Skillman board will allow me to contribute positively to the numerous initiatives of the Skillman Foundation in providing those resources and support.”

The Skillman Foundation provides funding to support quality education and economic opportunities for Detroit children, and equitable civic action that champions Detroit’s youth. The Foundation has annual grant budgets of $15-$17 million, providing grants to nonprofit and publicly-supported charities which impact the areas of education, safety, community leadership and youth development.


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