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Sales, Trading & Research

Siebert Williams Shank offers a team of specialized sales and trading professionals across the equity, taxable fixed income, and municipal asset classes. Using market knowledge built over decades and across various economic and interest rate cycles, we work diligently to achieve the goals of our investor and issuer clients.

Equity Sales
Equity Sales, Trading & Research

SWS has offered equity execution to institutional clients for over 25 years. We take pride in our reputation for integrity, excellent customer service, insightful equity research and competitive trade and transaction execution.


  • Agency Only, Client Centric

  • Single Stock, ETF, Program, and Block

  • Direct Market Access Offerings

  • Share Repurchase

  • Benchmark Driven Pre/Post Trade Analysis

  • Experienced Operations Team

  • State-of-the-art Trading Desk Technology

  • Top Tier External Clearing Broker

Equity Research

SWS equity research covers the U.S. Energy & Infrastructure Sector. We believe our sector specialization, small- and mid-cap stock focus, and detailed industry and financial analysis provide us with a proprietary knowledge base and a differentiated view.

  • Electric & Natural Gas Utilities

  • Oil & Gas: Exploration & Production

Share Repurchase

For over 20 years, corporate management teams have entrusted the SWS equity trading team with their share repurchase business. Every rotation is important to our firm and reputation and we manage our workflow to ensure complete focus on each client’s benchmarks, instructions, and objectives. We operate by strict client information security policies, we are execution venue agnostic, and do not operate proprietary algorithms.

Our team of seasoned equity traders has executed hundreds of rotations, repurchasing nearly 2 billion shares and has a deep understanding of regulatory guidelines. We have access to all of the major exchanges, have command of multiple third-party algorithm suites, and have the training and pre-trade analytics to develop effective trading strategies to cope with increasingly volatile markets. We provide anonymity and trade with minimal market impact.

We customize daily reporting procedures, tailoring the frequency, content, and form of communication to each client’s workflow. Strict procedures help us achieve accurate reporting and settlement from our integrated operations team which is regularly applauded for effective problem-solving and client communication.

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Taxable Fixed Income Sales
Taxable Fixed Income Sales and Trading

Siebert Williams Shank Taxable Fixed Income is a client-centric institutional sales, trading and capital markets platform across a spectrum of fixed income products.

  • Government/Agencies

  • Taxable Municipals

  • Commercial Paper

  • Corporate Bonds (Investment Grade and High Yield)

  • Asset Backed Securities

  • Mortgage Backed Securities

  • CMBS​

Our sales and trading professionals have years of market experience through numerous rate and credit cycles. We have strong relationships with public and private pension funds, trust companies, insurance companies, money managers, banks and hedge funds. We offer our clients market intelligence, analysis and access to trading liquidity. As liquidity is a cornerstone of any effective investment process, SWS utilizes its breadth of account relationships and dealer relationships and can use its own balance sheet to maximize liquidity for its customers. The desk is supported by our experienced, integrated operations & compliance teams and provides settlement through a top tier clearing broker. Combined with our expertise in underwriting, we have solidified ourselves as a leading fixed income capital markets platform.

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Municipal Fixed Income Sales
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Municipal Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Siebert Williams Shank is able to market bonds of every credit rating to suitable institutional and professional retail investors*. Blending professional retail with our traditional institutional distribution into a unified marketing plan enables us to market securities at attractive interest rates in all market conditions, often achieving interest rate savings that significantly exceed what other firms can accomplish.

We service the largest institutional purchasers of tax-exempt and taxable issues, which include mutual funds, insurance companies, corporations, trust departments and investment advisors. In addition, we significantly broaden our distribution beyond the major institutional market through our well-established relationships with a large and expanding second- and third-tier institutional investor base. Our sales team has long focused energy on cultivating relationships with and servicing these second-tier and third-tier institutional buyers who—because they are midsize buyers and do not have the same buying power as large bond funds and insurance companies—are often under-serviced by the bulge bracket Wall Street firms. 

* The term “professional retail” refers to investors that serve as proxies for retail investors such as bank trust departments, investment advisors and firms representing investors with separately managed accounts.

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