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Henry Cisneros on Bloomberg Intelligence

Our Vice Chairman, Henry Cisneros, was featured on the Bloomberg Intelligence podcast discussing the future of US infrastructure. Read more below where you can listen now!

US Infrastructure with Henry Cisneros:

Masters of the Muniverse

For the past few years, US infrastructure had become something of a punchline in American politics. But that changed late last year with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which added about $550 billion of additional infrastructure spending.

On this month's podcast, Bloomberg Intelligence’s Heald of Municipal Strategy Eric Kazatsky and Amanda Albright are joined by Henry Cisneros, who has been a champion for US infrastructure investment for decades. Mr. Cisneros was mayor of San Antonio before leading the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and currently serves as the chairman of Siebert Williams Shank, the 14th-biggest underwriter in the muni bond market. Mr. Cisneros talks about he sees a 'golden' era ahead.

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October 3, 2022



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