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SWS Selected as Sole Diverse-Owned Co-Manager to help Home Depot Fund $18.25 Billion Acquisition of SRS Distribution

Siebert Williams Shank was honored to be selected as the sole diverse-owned co-manager to help Home Depot fund its $18.25 billion acquisition of construction products distributor SRS Distribution.  SRS is a residential specialty distributor servicing roofers, landscapers, and pool contractors.  


Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, recently issued $10 billion in bonds across nine tranches with maturities ranging from 18 months to 40 years. The deal was the largest non-financial deal since Boeing priced $10 billion in late April, on which Siebert Williams Shank was also a co-manager. We are incredibly grateful for our longstanding relationship with Home Depot and their commitment to providing meaningful opportunities for their diverse partners. Since 2006, we have helped Home Depot issue over $63 billion in bonds and are grateful for their continued support.

Read the full press release here.

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