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Siebert Williams Shank Marks 25 Years of Service & Success

The leading national women-and minority-owned investment banking firm celebrates its 25th anniversary

Siebert Williams Shank, the #1 ranked women- and minority-owned investment banking firm in the nation, is marking its 25th anniversary as a Wall Street leader.

Founded in October 1996 by Wall Street pioneer Muriel Siebert, alongside Napoleon Brandford III and its CEO since its inception, Suzanne Shank, the firm’s consistent growth quickly established it as a significant national presence in the municipal underwriting sector.

“The firm was founded on the principle that there should be a high performing investment banking firm wholly owned by women and minorities. We have grown dramatically over the years, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions, such that we are the top ranked MWBE firm for municipals, corporate investment grades and equities,” said Suzanne Shank, President and CEO of Siebert Williams Shank. “The reputation built and sustained by an exceptionally talented team over these years is the truest testament of the excellence our team brings to the table.”

The firm has done business with over 500 corporate clients throughout its rich history, in addition to 1,000 institutional investors, more than 1,200 municipal clients, and 8 government-sponsored entities and supranationals. With 16 regional offices across the U.S., the firm has been responsible for underwriting trillions of dollars’ worth of corporate bonds, municipal bonds, agencies, and equity offerings.

Its corporate client base includes 74 of the Fortune 100 companies and, in 2021, it participated in more than 50% of all corporate ESG issuance, while over the last 10 years it has consistently been the #1 ranked co-manager of investment grade corporate debt.

In the municipal sector, it has senior managed two of the industry’s three ESG/Green Deal of the Year projects designated by the Bond Buyer, on behalf of the Board of Education City of Newark, NJ (2021) and for the Los Angeles County Metro Transit Authority (2019). At the same time, the firm maintained its recognition for having led the largest municipal deal ever by an MWBE firm, as Senior Manager for a $1.75 billion State of California transaction. In 2021 it was ranked as the #1 MWBE Senior Manager, #4 of all Co-Managers in the industry and #7 among Senior and Co-Managers, as well as #4 among all Airport and Seaport Senior Managers.

"Over the last 25 years, Siebert Williams Shank has steadily grown in capacity, reputation, and respect within our nation's communities and within the financial sector. SWS today brings exactly the right expertise and profile to bridge the capital needs of America's public institutions and the requirements of knowledgeable investors." said Henry Cisneros, firm Vice Chairman.

Firm Evolution:

Following the death of Muriel Siebert, and retirement of Mr. Brandford, the firm welcomed dynamic new partners in 2016. The Hon. Henry Cisneros, the first Latino mayor of San Antonio, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and former President and COO of Univision, joined ownership at that time, along with firm leaders Hon. William C. Thompson, 42nd Comptroller of the City of New York; Sean Duffy, the company’s Head of Institutional Sales and Trading; and Gary Hall, National Head of Infrastructure and Public Finance. It was then known as Siebert Cisneros Shank & Co. LLC.

In 2019, the firm embarked on a complimentary merger with The Williams Capital Group, L.P., led by its Chair and CEO, Christopher Williams, which marked its own 25th anniversary that year. The merger brought together the two top-ranked MWBE financial firms to create Siebert Williams Shank, which, today, is the #1 MWBE investment bank in the United States.

Propelling Social Impact:

The past 25 years have established Siebert Williams Shank as both a leader in its industry and a steward of social responsibility, as it has developed business endeavors to uplift underrepresented communities.

Amidst the pandemic, the firm’s leadership launched the Clear Vision Impact Fund. The Fund has secured financial commitments of $140 million, enabling it to make loans supporting small and medium sized businesses that are minority-owned or that employ, train, and serve minorities and underserved communities nationally, to maximize social impact.

“As business leaders, we not only achieve success for our clients but ensure that the doors we have opened remain so for others to follow. By making loans to small to mid-sized businesses in support of their hiring and training of minorities and other members of underserved communities nationally, the Clear Vision Impact Fund helps them reach their full potential and fuel the next generation of successful MWBEs,” said Christopher Williams, Chairman of Siebert Williams Shank.

Leading up to its 25th Anniversary, the company launched its philanthropic Siebert Williams Shank Foundation to advance economic equity and foster societal equality.

The Firm has also taken a significant stance on the underwriting and support of critical corporate and public infrastructure projects to better prepare for and respond to the impacts of climate change. With that in mind, the Firm also pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and made a grant in support of green initiatives and carbon offsets from high-impact projects.


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