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Suzanne Shank Announces 2025 Mackinac Policy Conference Chair: Thursday, May 30, 2024

To start the day, Suzanne Shank discussed the importance of diversity and representation, as she serves as the first Black woman to chair the conference and hosted a record number of women speakers in various sessions. She also announced the 2025 Mackinac Policy Conference Chair, Peter Quigley, President & CEO of Kelly. View the entire Opening Session here.

This section lowered the fear surrounding the growth of AI. Speaker Alex Rampell, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz, began by discussing the various ways AI can seamlessly and significantly impact the business world, whether it be in financial services, education, translation or support.

Panelists Varun Krishna, Chief Executive Officer, Rocket Companies, Ann Marie Sastry, Founder and CEO, Amesite, Greg Williams, Co-founder, Chairman, CEO of Acrisure, and moderated by KC Crain, President and CEO, Crain Communications also provided great insight into the concept of AI.

Will jobs be replaced? These experts feel that just like the introduction of the internet and the radio in previous generations, new job categories have been created, new business models introduced, and humanity was able to evolve. They believe the same will happen with AI.

Keynote Address: Governor Gretchen Whitmer

“We should believe in Michigan and we should brag about Michigan.” - Whitmer

Tune in to the full keynote address below as Governor Whitmer discuses the significant growth and positive outlook on the state of Michigan.


Read more about the conference at the links below:


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