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Suzanne Shank offers Opening Remarks: MPC 2024, Wednesday, May 29 2024

Below we highlight key highlights and sessions from Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

Suzanne Shank started her day recording with Chris Holman at Michigan Business Network.

Shank then provided open remarks as Chair of the conference.

A Conversation With Valerie Jarrett

Suzanne Shank moderates A Conversation with Valerie Jarrett, with Valerie Jarrett, CEO, The Barack Obama Foundation, and Rip Rapson, President & CEO, The Kresge Foundation.

In this session, the group discussed important steps of attracting great talent in order to build fruitful communities and community leaders.

What could Michigan be doing better? Jarrett mentions that we cannot give up in the current polarizing political client. In terms of overall improvement she notes that “the strength is on the ground.”

Understanding Gen Z’s Political Sway

Angelique Power, President and CEO of The Skillman Foundation, hosted a powerful panel about the impact Gen Z has in our political climate. She noted that it’s time for other generations to start paying attention. “Often times we talk about young people, without young people,” Power notes. “Young people will in fact make or break outcomes.”

In this powerful session, Power moderated a conversation between two members of Gen Z, Esther Guerro, Youth and Community Organizer, Congress of Communities, and Jacob Manning, Grassroots Coordinator and Policy Advisor, Small Business Association of Michigan.

A Conversation with Chuck Todd

Siebert Williams Shank was honored to sponsor the impactful session titled A Conversation with Chuck Todd, with Devin Scillian, Anchor, WDIV-TV 4, NBC and Chuck Todd, Chief Political Analyst, NBC News. In this session, the two discussed the general outlook of the economy in relation to politics, voters and the upcoming election.

While on the topic of a polarized atmosphere, Todd noted, “I do wish we would get back to the fact that the best thing about this country is that we agree to disagree.”

A Conversation with Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert Founder and Chairman of Rocket Companies and Co-Founder of the Gilbert Family Foundation was interviewed by Dennis Archer Jr., Chairman and CEO of Sixteen42 Ventures. The two spent time discussing ways a city can attract the growth of young entrepreneurs. “You’ve got to have a great business to impact the community,” Gilbert shared. He also noted that a good start up community is one that fosters space for younger generations to grow in their careers.


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